Welcome to my blog for an innovative education

Let’s start with the problem. Violence increased, classroom overcrowded, outdated textbooks, underpaid teachers, programs cut, language communication barriers, all of the while teachers are expected to provide the same results for our children and meanwhile there’s an increase in children growing up in two homes or with one parent working their butts off to give them the the same future that they would have if they were to grow up in a traditional two parent, two income one home family.

This problem isn’t ever going to completely go away. However, it can be decreased if the right ideas reach the right people. There will be less of a need to cut costs if money was spent more appropriately. Teachers would not be underpaid and textbooks would not be outdated. I have already begun researching some ideas that I hope to make these the standard for all districts, but will just start with one at a time.

1) Tablet PCs for every student – Do away with textbooks and libraries and switch to e-books. You can also get rid of most of the computer labs around the school to cut extra costs. Forget requiring kids to purchase $100 calculators and have them download free apps. The interest level would skyrocket because children are interested in technology and there would be a zero learning curve. Below is an article how the federal government already endorsed it in Chicago.



2) Text/Email Notification System – There are several online programs out there that can send notifications via text or email of children’s attendance, homework, test scores, midterms, events and even lunch menu which is great in case of allergies. There will be no more chances for kids to ditch class, intercept the grades in the mail, or conveniently “forget” about homework without us parents knowing ahead of time. Test scores should improve drastically. I placed an example of what I was taking about below.


I really want your input. I hope to present this information to the superintendent of my daughter’s school district before the end of the year. If it get’s implemented, I intend to move it to the head of the Colorado school board. I need to have all of my ducks in a row. What’s good or bad about this? What other ideas would help our school system?